Where it can be used

Where it can be used

The Smart Fences can replace any wooden fencing in a new and old

Residential Communities, Industrial and

Commercial and Farming establishments Open Air Storage

and in Countries Security Borders.

Countries Borders

The smartfence could be modified materially according to the functional requirement

and environmental conditions. The smart fence material and embodiments

can with stand any harsh climate, such as -50 c to + 50 c.

It is easy for transportation, erection and to dismantle and shifting.

Open Storage

The smartfence monitors the whole area of activities

24/7. You can watch the individual activities either in enclosed

or open areas. The smartfence prevents steeling, pilferages. You are in

Complete control of the area and of course you can communicate

With your own voice to the people in the area.

Community Fencing

Ever growing community housing, demarcation of the area of the dwellers of the property and for their privacy

and pets need fencing. The smartfence not only aesthetically good looking but with minimum maintenance and

long lasting. It guards your property against any intrusion and stops any damages done to your property, even when

you are faraway. The smart fence sees, hears, speaks and communicate with the owner. It gives lovely ambience with

music, lighting and cooling effect. The smartfence monitors, records the happenings and send you a real time warning

for you or the security agencies to take immediate action.